Which is better to choose between Cone Crusher and Impact Crusher?

May 12, 2021

Impact crusher and cone crusher are both medium crushing processing equipment, which are used for secondary crushing in sand and gravel production line. The differences are as follows:

Cone Crusher & Impact Crusher

1. Different crushed materials

Impact crusher is suitable for processing soft and brittle materials, such as bluestone, limestone, etc. Cone crusher is suitable for processing hard materials, such as: granite, river pebbles, etc.

2. Types and principles of crushing

Impact crusher belongs to impact crushing, which uses impact energy to crush materials; Cone crusher is a type of squeeze crushing, using laminated crushing raw materials; it realizes the fine crushing of materials under the action of impact, squeezing and bending.

3. The scope of use

Impact crushers are mostly used in small and medium-sized stone factories. Cone crushers are mostly used in large stone processing plants.

4. Finished product size

The impact crusher has a micro-shaping effect; the processed material has good grain shape and less powder; The processed materials of the cone crusher are cubes with low noise and environmental protection;

5. Price

Cone crushers are more expensive than impact crushers, mainly because of the long service life of conical wearing parts; The initial investment cost of the impact crusher is low, but the maintenance cost is high;

6. Environmental protection

The impact crusher is noisy, dusty and polluted; Cone crusher has low noise, low pollution and environmental protection;

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