What are the Major Systems of the Mobile Crushing Station

May 20, 2021

The mobile crushing station is a mobile production line that integrates a feeder, a crusher, a screening system, a debris sorting device and a conveyor, and is equipped with a walking mechanism. A complete set of mobile crushing station must be smooth in the whole line, matched in output, and meet the production needs with the lowest consumption and the greatest extent. What are the major systems of the mobile crushing station?

Mobile Crusher

1. Feeding system:

The function of the feeding system of the mobile crushing station is to feed raw materials to each section of the crusher and screening machine. Reduce the impact of the feeding process on the working device of the crusher, achieve uniform feeding and improve the working conditions of the crusher. According to different crushing and screening process, the feeding method is also different. In front of the feed port of the primary crusher, there is generally an independent feeder, whose purpose is to feed the ore raw materials into the crushing cavity at the processing speed of the crusher. When the output is large, a heavy-duty plate feeder can be used, which has a larger feeding granularity; a heavy-duty loader can also be used until the train carriage is directly introduced into the feed bin. When the size of the raw ore is small, the belt feeder can be used. Generally, the most widely used in production are vibrating feeders and reciprocating feeders. In order to ensure the uniformity of feeding, it is also necessary to configure a suitable feeding device before the medium and fine crushing crusher and screening machine. In actual production, this function is completed by a belt conveyor.

2. Crushing system:

The crusher equipment system is the core of the entire equipment. When it works, it crushes the ore raw materials into small particle size finished materials to ensure that the crushed materials are granular and reduce the content of flake materials. At the same time, the particle size distribution must be uniform, so the crusher has the ability and efficiency of the crusher. Specific requirements for the quality of crushed materials. A mobile crushing and screening production line can consist of multiple crushers. There are many types of crushing machinery with different performances.

3. Screening system:

It is set to meet the requirements of aggregate particle size sorting. In order to ensure the quality of recycled aggregate after crushing, concrete blocks with larger particle sizes that cannot meet the requirements after primary crushing are screened and transported back to the crusher for re- crushing. Therefore, the screen the sub-system can sort the broken construction waste according to the granularity.

The tire-type mobile mechanism has a high chassis and a small turning radius, which is convenient for driving on ordinary roads and can quickly enter the construction site. Time saving, high flexibility of the equipment, the use of vehicle-mounted generator set, can provide continuous power for the equipment. The crawler-type moving mechanism has a low center of gravity, stable movement, low grounding ratio, good passability, and good adaptability to mountains and wetlands. Generally, a full hydraulic drive system is adopted. The power device of the crawler-type moving mechanism has a large driving force, and the placement of the equipment can be adjusted during the operation without additional traction equipment.

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