Solutions to the five Common Parts of Vibrating Screens that is Worn or Broken

May 25, 2021

Vibrating screens are commonly used sand making equipment in sand production lines. After a long period of use, some parts of the vibrating screen may be severely worn or even broken. Commonly worn parts are springs, bearings, beams, pipe beams and screen frames wait. The following is an introduction to how to solve the problem of wear and tear:

Vibrating Screen

1. The spring is worn or broken

The vibrating screen spring is an important part of vibration reduction and noise reduction. If the spring is severely worn or broken, the vibrating screen may produce noise during operation, which may affect the normal operation of the vibrating screen. In this case, a new spring needs to be replaced in time to prevent accidents.

2. The bearing is worn or broken

Bearings are an important part of the vibrating screen. There are many reasons for bearing wear and fracture. Once the bearings are worn or broken, the vibrating screen needs to be shut down and replaced with new bearings.

3. The pipe beam is broken

When the vibrating screen is dewatering or de-intermediation, if the flushing force of the water flow is too strong, the water may leak from the gap between the screens during washing, and thus impact the pipe beam. If the pipe beam wall is too thin, it will be washed by water. It is easy to wear or break. If the pipe girder is not severely worn, the pipe girder can be repaired and welded along the longitudinal direction of the pipe girder. Therefore, when choosing a vibrating screen, try to choose a thick-walled pipe girder of the same model or a larger model, which can increase the thickness of the pipe girder wall, and increase the horizontal or horizontal or longitudinal layering reduces water leakage.

4. The beam is broken

Vibrating screen beam fracture is generally caused by too long working time, which makes the bolts loose, the spring deforms, and the left and right height difference causes the beam to break. It may also be caused by the large weight error of the eccentric block, which causes the beam to break. In this case, you need to stop in time, replace the replaced structural parts, and tighten the loose bolts to adjust the quality of the eccentric block.

5. The screen frame is broken

The fracture of the screen frame is generally caused by the violent shaking of the screen frame during the working process of the vibrating screen. In this case, the side plate can be thickened, or the side plate near the exciter can be thickened to enhance the bearing capacity of the screen frame. 

The above introduces how to deal with the common parts of the vibrating screen after failure. The vibrating screen is indispensable equipment in the sand production line, so if there is a problem with the vibrating screen, it should be dealt with in time.

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