How much is a set of Mobile Sand Making Equipment?

May 10, 2023

There is currently two modes of machine-made sand production, one is a fixed production line and the other is a mobile sand production line. Both of these modes have been recognized by the mining industry. Today I will explain how to use mobile sand making equipment use and characteristics of the equipment.

Mobile sand making equipment, a vehicle is equivalent to a production line, and without piling installation, it can be driven directly to the work site, which is very convenient and fast, which has attracted the attention of many investors. So, how much does such a mobile sand making machine cost? Let’s take a look together.

Types and capacity of mobile sand making machines

The mobile sand making machine is also called a vehicle-mounted sand making machine. There are many types of mobile sand making machines. The production capacity of the small model is 60t/h, and the hourly production capacity of the large model is up to 600 tons. The size of the configuration of the sand making machine also depends on the nature of the feed, so the specific production capacity also depends on the actual needs of the user.

Mobile sand making machines can be divided into crawler sand making machines and tire sand making machines according to different walking methods. Both have their own advantages. You can choose according to actual needs.

Crawler-type mobile sand making machine

Mobile Crushing Plant

The crawler mobile crushing station adopts a centralized intelligent control system, which is mobile crushing equipment with high efficiency and strong automation. The hydraulic system drives the crawler to achieve free and stable walking. The equipment has a variety of configurations and can adapt to a variety of complex on-site operating conditions. It is widely used in many fields such as mineral mining, stone mining, and urban construction waste treatment.

Tire type mobile sand making machine

Mobile Crusher

The tire-type mobile sand making machine is composed of crushing, screening, conveying, feeding and other systems. It adopts the method of tire movement and requires front-end traction when walking. It is also called a semi-mobile sand making machine. It has the advantages of simple operation, light weight, good quality, long life, configuration diversity, environmental protection and energy saving, etc. It is very popular in the treatment of mining, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection and construction waste.

What is the effect of mobile sand making machine-made sand?

The effect of mobile sand making machine sand is quite good, and the fineness of the sand is adjustable. It can be processed into different specifications such as coarse sand, medium sand, fine sand, etc. according to customer needs. It also has a certain shaping effect on the sand during the sand making process. The finished sand-making product is cubic, and the specification sand can reach about 98%. The sand meets the requirements of construction sand and is very popular among users.

How much does a mobile sand making machine cost?

There are many mobile sand making equipment manufacturers, and the quotations are high or low, about 300-3.5 million. Due to their different types, materials selection, production costs, sales models, etc., there is a certain gap in prices. The crawler type is more intelligent than the tire type, so the price will be a little more expensive, probably about 500,000 more expensive than the tire type; whether it is a crawler type or a tire type mobile sand making machine, different manufacturers have different equipment configurations when designing and producing. The production technology has high or low, so it will also affect the price of the mobile sand making machine; the main material of the mobile crusher is steel, so its quotation will fluctuate according to the price of steel.

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