Can Crushed Stone replace Sand?

June 07, 2021

With the recent gradual shortage of sand and gravel resources and the continuous advancement of ecological civilization construction, the mining of natural sand and gravel can no longer meet the needs of various engineering constructions. Many people focus on stone crushing and sand making projects, so stone crushing can replace sand? What equipment is better for crushing stones into sand?

Natural Sand Machine-made Sand

Can crushed stone replace sand? How’s the effect?

1.What is the effect of the finished stone after crushing?

Generally speaking, the raw materials selected for crushing stones are roughly those with high hardness such as granite, basalt, and pebbles, as well as materials with medium hardness such as lapis lazuli. The strength, corrosion resistance and grain size are all satisfactory. Standard sand is used for natural sand.

2.What are the advantages of stone crushing instead of sand?

a. The ingredients are pure. Generally, what kind of ore is used as the raw material, and the main component of the finished sand is the raw material. The composition is single and pure, the content of other impurities is small, and the quality is relatively high.

b. Adjustable granularity. After being crushed, the stone can be shaped by a stone shaping machine, and processed into finished sand of different grains according to user requirements, and the number of stages is adjustable.

c. The source of raw materials is wide, and the production cycle is short. The raw materials used for stone crushing have a wide range of sources, and they can be processed through the entire production line, and the processing and production cycle is very short.

What kind of equipment is effective for crushing stones into sand?

Due to the different sand making equipment used for different materials, we recommend two stone crushing production lines roughly according to the hardness of the raw materials:

1. High raw material hardness: jaw crusher + cone crusher + impact crusher

This production line is mainly suitable for processing materials with high hardness such as river pebbles and granite. The jaw crusher is undoubtedly the primary crushing, which can quickly and efficiently crush various bulk materials, which is conducive to the secondary crushing of the cone crusher. The main function of the type crusher is to reshape the semi-finished stone and process it into the finished grain and size required by the user.

2. Medium hardness of raw materials: Jaw crusher + impact crusher

The structure of the production line is relatively simple, and it is mainly suitable for processing materials with medium hardness and below like limestone. The impact crusher also has a shaping function, which can effectively shape semi-finished products and make them round. This production line is generally also suitable for production requirements used by small and medium-sized gravel processing plants.

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