Can Concrete blocks break into Stones?

June 01, 2021

Concrete is the basic building material for road construction, bridge construction, and construction. It is basically formed by mixing sand, stones, cement and other chemical glues with water. But in recent years, whether it is house demolition, road renovation or community reconstruction, more and more concrete blocks have been left. So what can the concrete blocks do here? What is the use of broken stones? Can they be used as new aggregates?

Concrete blocks break into Stones

What is the purpose of crushing concrete blocks into stones?

Generally speaking, concrete blocks can be broken into stones of different sizes. Those larger than 4.75mm are called coarse aggregates, that is, pebbles, and those smaller than 4.75mm are called fine aggregates, that is, sand.

The role of sand and gravel aggregate in concrete is very important. It plays the role of the basic framework, transfers stress, resists compression, and can support load even without cement paste. Sand is mainly used to fill the gaps between stones and increase their density while restraining shrinkage and preventing cracking.

Good concrete sand and gravel aggregates should have sharp edges and corners, and the grain shape should be three-dimensional, so that the various materials in the concrete can interlock with each other, increase the strength of the building, and improve the quality of the building. So what is the good aggregate crushing equipment?

Mobile Crushing Plant

What equipment is used for breaking concrete blocks into pebbles?

According to the current market demand, the processing of concrete blocks can be roughly divided into two specifications: fixed production lines and mobile crushing stations.

Stationary: Jaw crusher + impact crusher

“Jaw crushing + impact crushing” is a common crushing mode. Since the concrete block itself is not high in hardness, but contains steel bars, soil blocks and other materials, the excavated particles can be screened by a vibrating feeder first, and then crushed by jaw crusher. The steel bars contained in it are removed by the iron remover, and then crushed in progress by the impact crusher, and processed into the required materials.

Mobile: mobile crusher

The mobile production line is based on the fixed production line process, but the entire production line is placed on a mobile frame, making the entire production line more convenient to move, more flexible in transition, and more suitable for the current working mode.

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