Brief Introduction of Bauxite Cone Crusher

February 25, 2022

Bauxite cone crusher is a special equipment for bauxite material processing. Our company adopts the design idea of “replace grinding with crushing, more crushing and less grinding”. The crushing mantle and concave are made of high manganese steel, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and prolong the service life of equipment.

Cone Crusher

Performance advantages of bauxite cone crusher

  1. The internal structure sealing performance is good, can effectively protect the equipment from dust and other small particles.
  2. The configuration of the bauxite cone crusher is excellent, such as the hydraulic system of the equipment not only has iron protection function, but also can quickly clean up the crushing chamber. And the device components are easy to disassemble and install.
  3. Bauxite cone crusher uses non-contact labyrinth seals, low wear rate, improve the reliability of dust blocking. It fundamentally eliminates the common faults of traditional equipment such as oil-water mixing and improves the safety performance of the whole equipment.
  4. Relying on the principle of lamination crushing, greatly improve the crushing ratio and output, and also greatly reduce the loss of wearing parts, prolong the service life of the cone crusher machine.

Main operation points of bauxite cone crusher

  1. When the bauxite cone crusher crushing material, to prevent iron into the crushing chamber, bauxite cone crusher must have iron removal device to protect the crushing chamber from damage by frequent iron passing.
  2. Uniform feeding should be achieved in production. If the feed is not uniform, it will lead to bauxite cone crusher production capacity decline, coarse product size, spring frequent movement and other adverse situations. It causes great harm to the crusher itself.
  3. Bauxite cone crusher lubrication work. Lubricating oil needs to be replaced frequently to ensure its quality. Only the good quality of lubricating oil can reduce wear and ensure the good operation of crusher equipment.

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