Vibration Reason of Cone Crusher

November 02, 2023

During operation process of cone crusher, it will appear vibration phenomenon. What causes the cone crusher to vibrate frequently?

Cone Crusher

  1. When the spring of the crusher is not tight enough, it will cause the cone crusher often vibration. Cone crusher is spring safety cone crusher. The spring installed around the crusher frame is the safety device. When the non-crushed materials enter into the crushing cavity, the supporting ring and adjusting ring on the spring are try to rise the compress spring, which enlarge the discharging opening that the non-crushed materials can be discharged out to avoid machine body damage. The spring tensioning has great impact on the crusher’s normal work.
  2. When the material feeding is not uniform or too much, it will cause the crusher often vibration.
  3. When the aggregates contain too much powder or too wet, due to the small discharging opening, these materials will block the discharging opening. This causes the cone crusher vibrate.

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