The difference between the Cone Crusher and the Fine Jaw Crusher

May 20, 2021

In the crushed stone production line, the reasonable allocation of crushing equipment plays a very important role in improving the output, stone shape and particle size distribution. At present, the process of the whole crushing line basically includes three main stages: coarse crushing, medium and fine crushing and screening. In the fine crushing stage, there are a variety of crushers to choose. What kind of equipment is more appropriate, which is also a headache for many users.

Jaw Crusher

Today we will compare two crushing devices used in the second crushing stage: cone crusher and fine jaw crusher.

1. Production characteristics

In general, fine jaw crusher and cone crusher have the following characteristics:

  1. The feeding granulation range of fine jaw crusher is relatively large, which can generally handle materials below 1000mm, while the cone crusher is relatively strict and generally requires less than 300mm (depending on the specific situation of the product).
  2. In terms of processing capacity, cone crusher is much higher than fine jaw fracture, generally up to 1000t/h, which is double times than fine jaw crusher.
  3. In the treatment of hard materials, the compressive strength of the two is basically the same, between 300-350MPa.

2. Overall structure

From the overall structure, the cone crusher is 1.7-2 times heavier than the same size of the fine jaw crusher, and the machine body is 2-3 times higher than the fine jaw crusher, so the construction cost of the factory building is larger.

3. Handling materials

Cone crusher is not suitable for crushing wet and sticky ore, fine jaw crusher can meet almost all kinds of materials.

hydraulic cone crusher for medium stone crushing

4. Feeding requirements

Cone crusher can be filled fully with ore, direct feeding without additional ore bin or feeder. The fine jaw crusher cannot be fed fully, and the ore is required to be uniform, so it is necessary to set up another ore bin and ore feeding machine, increasing the investment cost of auxiliary equipment.

5. Finished granularity

When we discuss the finished grain shape of impact crusher and cone crusher, we say that the former has better grain shape and the finished product has fewer edges and corners. In general, the cone crusher has a slightly better shaping effect than the fine jaw fracture.

6. Price comparison

The cone crusher is much more expensive than the fine jaw crusher.

7. Operation and maintenance

Although the initial investment cost of cone crusher is high, the failure rate in the later stage is low, the replacement cycle of wearing parts is long, the maintenance and overhaul are convenient, and a lot of manpower and material resources are saved.

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