How to solve the Problem of Jaw Crusher Flywheel?

February 22, 2021

Jaw Crusher

Flywheel is the main part of jaw crusher. In addition to balancing the weight of the sheave, the flywheel can also accumulate energy. Because the jaw crusher is intermittent working, divided into work stroke and idling stroke, resulting in the motor load imbalance. In order to balance the load, the energy of the idle stroke is accumulated when the moving jaw leaves the fixed jaw, so that the energy can be fully released during the working stroke. Since the flywheel is so important in the work of jaw crusher, once the fault occurs, it will certainly affect the operation and efficiency of jaw crusher. How to solve the problem when the flywheel fails? Master the following tips to help you handling easily:

1. The crushing operation cannot be carried out, but the flywheel is still rotating.

The jaw crusher was not functioning properly for the crushing operation, but the flywheel continued to turn.

The cause of the problem

Jaw crusher eccentric shaft pull rod device damaged, resulting in the loss of support of toggle plate. After the failure of the rod spring, the toggle plate slipped out of the rod support block and the toggle plate broke due to heavy load. At this time, the size of the material cannot be adjusted, the main machine is shut down, but the flywheel will continue to rotate.


Check the running condition of toggle plate and related parts and adjust it in time. When the toggle plate breaks, replace it in time.

2. When the flywheel fails, the eccentric shaft will not run.

When the flywheel fails, the flywheel rotates, but the eccentric shaft cannot run or the rotation speed is very slow, so that the jaw crusher cannot work.

The cause of the problem

The reason for this kind of failure may be that the connecting parts of the belt wheel and the flywheel are loose or broken, and the connection function is lost. The belt wheel and the flywheel cannot run synchronously, thus the flywheel and the eccentric shaft cannot run synchronously, and the eccentric shaft fails.


Check the connecting parts of the flywheel regularly, repair and deal with the loose or damaged parts in time, ensure the synchronous operation of the flywheel and the eccentric shaft, and make the jaw crusher work normally.

3. Abnormal swing of flywheel

The cause of the problem

The abnormal swing of the flywheel is caused by the material rolling into the inner side of the wheel during the long working process, which causes the shell of the flywheel to crack. At the same time, the important parts like sheave hole, belt wheel, flywheel key, bearing wear becomes loose, as well as the fly sheave tension sleeve loose and the machine itself casting defects, these problems will lead to jaw crusher flywheel swing too much.


When the flywheel swing abnormal, it need to stop immediately for maintenance. Add the protective cover for flywheel and sheave, replace the eccentric shaft and fly sheave in time, and replace the worn parts in time. In addition, before the jaw crusher is started and after the crushing work, the operator should pay attention to check the flywheel and deal with the problems in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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