How to Repair the Jaw Plate of Jaw Crusher?

March 29, 2021

Jaw Crusher

Crushing cavity of jaw crusher is consisted of swing jaw plate and fixed jaw plate. Swing jaw plate is the main part and the easiest part to be worn, which has short working life, normally is 1-3 month or even shorter. The jaw plate which is not worn heavily can be repaired.

Following is the repair methods of jaw plate:

  1. The main repair method of jaw crusher is surfacing.
  2. Polish 2-3mm on the surface which need to be welded before welding.
  3. Main part should avoid heating heavily, peening after be welded to eliminate inner stress.
  4. The welding sequence is to weld the first layer on each tooth, and then weld the second layer to avoid the main part bearing too much heat and generating welding deformation.
  5. Surfacing should be fast, the horizontal oscillation is small, and try to use small welding rod with little current.
  6. After welding, cool quickly, or place into the water, leaving the part to be welded on the surface.

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