High Efficiency Fine Hammer Crusher Coal Crusher

May 13, 2021

Vibrating feeder is a kind of commonly used feeding equipment. In production, it can uniformly and continuously send block or granular materials to the receiving equipment, which effectively improves the degree of automation of production, improves production efficiency, and greatly reduce the labor force of workers. In the production process, the vibrating feeder will also have some common failures, which affect the normal feeding operation, thereby affecting the production operation of the entire production line. Let’s take a look at several common faults and solutions of the vibrating feeder:

Hammer Crusher

Coal crusher is a new research and development crusher equipment for the coal industry. Coal crusher is mainly aimed at the difficult problem of coal crushing with high moisture content. Coal hammer crusher belongs to high efficiency fine crushing equipment.

The emergence of coal crusher solves the problem of high moisture content of the material, to avoid the blockage of crusher machine. The biggest advantage of coal crusher is that rainy days can also be normal production.

Because the coal crusher has no screen bottom and grate bottom, unlike the traditional crusher, once the material moisture content exceeds 8%, there will be blockage, and even burn the motor. In addition, if the coal crusher is invested, the investment cost can be saved from the granularity of the discharge. Why? The crushing particle size of the coal crusher is very uniform, can be controlled below 2mm, and the traditional crusher must add a sieve to screen out the ideal particle size, which need more investment.

Coal crusher application:

Coal crusher can break more than 100 kinds of materials, such as coal gangue, shale, coal, slag, coal cinder, and construction waste, etc.

In addition, coal crusher is also mainly suitable for brick and tile factory to crush coal cinder, slag, shale, coal gangue and other raw materials.

Coal crusher advantages:

First: Coal crusher design without screen mesh and grate bottom, can crush high wet materials, there is no requirement for moisture content. At the same time, it is absolutely good at crushing dry materials.

Second: Coal crusher adopts new shift gap adjustment technology. Coal crusher hammer head does not need to be replaced after wearing, you can adjust the position of the hammer head, as long as keep the gap between the hammer and the lining, the discharging particle size can ensure uniform and in fine effect. In addition, the liner is also adjustable. Therefore, under normal circumstances, one hammer head are used as three hammer heads.

Third: The use of centralized lubrication system, no shutdown can also be filled with oil. In addition, the hydraulic start housing device can easily start by one person, maintenance and inspection of parts are very fast and convenient.

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