Fault and Troubleshooting Method of Jaw Crusher

March 29, 2021

Jaw Crusher

Fault phenomenon 1: The flywheel wheel swings axially to the left and right.

The reason:

  1. The flywheel wheel hole, flat key or shaft wears and loosens;
  2. The stone material is rolled into the inner side of the wheel, causing the flywheel wheel housing to crack;
  3. Casting defects;
  4. The flywheel wheel tension sleeve is loose.

Method of exclusion:

  1. Wear the flat key, replace the flat key, or replace the eccentric shaft or the flywheel;
  2. Add the flywheel guard and replace the eccentric shaft or the flywheel;
  3. Replace the eccentric shaft or the sheave;
  4. Re-tighten the tightening sleeve.

Fault phenomenon 2: The frame is crazing.

The reason:

  1. Casting defects or welding quality defects;
  2. Use of unqualified brackets and brackets, when the crusher is under strong impact, the brackets are not self-breaking, causing the frame to crack;
  3. The fixed jaws are not fixed Long-term ups and downs, hitting the front frame of the rack;
  4. The rigidity of the base of the base is poor or collapsed, the frame is beating;
  5. The two bolts on the bearing cover are loose;
  6. Fixed the movable jaws continue to be used after the tooth shape is worn;
  7. The direction of the weight of the flywheel wheel is misaligned due to the eccentric shaft, the pin damage or the loosening of the sleeve.

Method of exclusion:

  1. Remove the original crack defects, repair the repair, and replace the new frame if necessary;
  2. Repair or replace the new frame, and replace the original bracket and bracket pad produced by the main machine factory;
  3. Repair or replace the new machine Rack and fix the fixed stud bolts;
  4. Repair or replace the new frame, and tighten the frame foot bolts to correct the level and strengthen the foundation;
  5. Repair or replace the new frame and tighten the bearing cap Upper two bolts;
  6. Repair or replace the new frame, and replace the jaws in time;
  7. Repair or replace the new frame, and change the pin shaft or adjust the direction of the eccentric block to tighten the expansion sleeve.

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