Details of Correct Operation and Maintenance of Spiral Classifier

February 07, 2022

Spiral classifier is one of the beneficiation equipment. The spiral classifier is a device for mechanical classification based on the principle that the specific gravity of solid particles is different, so the speed of precipitation in liquid is different. The material powder milled in the mill can be graded for filtering, and then the coarse material is screwed into the mill inlet with a spiral blade, and the filtered fine material is discharged from the overflow pipe. The spiral classifier is referred to as a classifier. There are four types of classifiers: high weir single and double spirals, submerged single and double spirals.

Spiral Classifier

Spiral classifiers are widely used in the ore dressing plant to match the ball mill with a closed-circuit cycle to split the ore sand, or in the gravity ore dressing plant to classify the ore and fine mud, and to classify the size of the pulp in the metal beneficiation process, and to wash the ore The operations such as mud removal and dewatering in the operation have the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation and convenient operation.

Operating details of the spiral classifier:

  1. After the spiral body rotates, it can start to feed the ore slurry and gradually increase the ore supply.
  2. When the spiral body is in the working state, if it encounters special failures such as jamming or overload, it must immediately stop the lift, immediately lift the spiral body out of the slurry surface. Never allow the spiral body to be pressed into the slurry, and quickly open the mine valve to avoid blockage.
  3. When starting again, the spiral must be lowered to a certain position to turn the spiral.
  4. If the machine needs to stop during use, it should stop feeding first, and then stop the operation after the material process is classified and there is no material in it.

Maintenance method of spiral classifier:

  1. All lubrication points are lubricated with sodium-based grease or calcium-based grease.
  2. Every shift should check whether the internal lubricating oil of the reducer is on the needle engraved line and change the oil every 6 months.
  3. The lower bearing or middle frame bearing bush, bearing and sealing ring should be checked frequently for damage and the bearing bush is damaged for timely replacement.
  4. For bearing lubrication, high pressure oil must be injected into the bearing with a manual dry oil pump every 4 hours to maintain the sealing performance of the bearing.

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