Classification of Jaw Crusher

June 05, 2022

Jaw crusher is the most commonly used primary crushing machine in ore crushing operation. It has various types, simply speaking, it can be divided into simple pendulum jaw crusher, compound pendulum jaw crusher, and double cavity jaw crusher. Jaw crusher has big feeding opening and high production capacity, which is used to treat various kinds of hard ores and materials. It can be used for the crushing of all kinds of large block materials with compressive strength less than 320Mpa in mining, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy, chemical industry and other industries.

Jaw Crusher

1. Simple pendulum jaw crusher

The top of the movable jaw body of the simple swing jaw crusher is installed in the suspension shaft, which swings back and forth around the suspension shaft. The motion trial of simple pendulum jaw crusher is simple and can produce a large crushing force, which is suitable for crushing hard and refractory materials. Due to the simple swing of movable jaw body, the main stroke is used for crushing, so the liner wear and effect of crushed products is small, relatively easy to repair. The disadvantage is the whole machine with heavy weight, large volume, and high cost.

2. Compound pendulum jaw crusher

Different from the simple pendulum jaw crusher, the compound pendulum jaw crusher combines the movable jaw body and connecting rod as a whole, the eccentric shaft is used as the suspension shaft of the movable jaw body, and the toggle plate is simplified from two to one. Compared with simple pendulum jaw crusher, the production capacity improves 20% - 30% of that of simple pendulum jaw crusher with the same working situation.

3. Double cavity jaw crusher

With its unique structure, the double-cavity jaw crusher can decompose the crushing stroke and discharging stroke of the compound pendulum jaw crusher into two crushing strokes and two discharging strokes in each working cycle. Through kinematic analysis and mechanism optimization design, it can obtain a relatively ideal movable jaw movement trajectory. However, the equipment structure is complex, the maintenance workload is large, in addition, the output, energy consumption utilization is still to be improved.

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