6 Differences between Spiral Sand Washer and Spiral Classifier

August 10, 2022

Spiral sand washer, spiral classifier, one is sand washing equipment, one is mineral processing equipment (can also be used to wash sand). Because of the similarity in appearance, many users are confused, and even some people think they almost look the same from the appearance. How can you tell the difference between spiral sand washer and spiral classifier?

Spiral Classifier

1. Appearance

Since many people think that spiral sand washer and spiral classifier in the appearance of a great similarity, let’s first look at the differences in the appearance of the two.

The obvious difference is the difference between the blades. The blade of the spiral sand washer is solid blade type, and the blade of the spiral classifier is suspended hollow blade.

2. Working principle

The spiral sand washer should be arranged in an inclined way. The lower part of the tank is surrounded by three weir plates to form a sedimentation tank, the spiral head is immersed in the tank. The screw is driven by a motor through a reducer to rotate continuously, and the porous plate at the bottom of the sedimentation tank feeds the cleaning water. The spiral sand washer has the function of cleaning, dehydration, and classification.

By means of the principle that the size and specific gravity of solid particles are different and the settling velocity in liquid is different of spiral classifier, fine ore particles float in water and overflow, while coarse ore particles sink in the bottom of the trough. It can filter the material powder from the mill, and then screw the coarse material into the feed port of the mill, and discharge the filtered fine material from the overflow pipe.

3. Application

Spiral sand washer is mainly used for sand cleaning, there are commonly used wheel sand washer. The output of spiral sand washer is related to its length and width.

Spiral classifier is widely used in concentrator and work with ball mill to form a closed-loop distribution for ore, or used in gravity concentrator to grade ore and fine mud, and metal ore dressing process for pulp size classification, as well as for desliming, and dewatering operations.

4. Handling capacity

In terms of sand washing operations, the blade area of spiral sand washer is larger, therefore, the transportation of sand of spiral sand washer is more at the same time, its processing capacity is 2-3 times of the same size spiral classifier.

5. Sand washing effect

For the same size equipment, the hopper of the sand washer will be larger than that of the classifier, and the sand will take longer to settle, so the sand will be cleaner.

6. Type

Spiral sand washers can be divided into single spiral and double spiral, its processing capacity can be increased by increasing the length of sand washer or double spiral is distributed side by side.

Spiral classifier mainly has high weir type single spiral and double spiral, low weir type single spiral and double spiral, sunk type single spiral and double spiral. The low weir type is seldom used now, mainly is high weir type and sunk type.

The spiral sand washer and spiral classifier are very similar indeed. This article we summed up 6 differences between them, hope to help you. If you want to know more details about the machine, please send email to [email protected].

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